A Box Of...

Monday, September 17, 2012

 Got a white box the other day...
 ...with some pink details.
 Gerbeaud is a Hungarian institute.
Sissy, the Empress of Austria used to drink her coffee there.

 Crisp but chewy,
light-as-air meringue cookies.

 Firm but tender,
shiny yet ridged,
with ethereally light shells and heavy middles.
 The white one with brown spots is a poppy seed macaron.
The Hungarians love to put poppy seeds 
in the sweets and pastries.
So delicious!

Remember humidity is the enemy of macarons!

Making macarons is famously difficult...

The Gerbeaud macarons are not Laduree's 
but absolutely the best ones in Budapest!


  1. Nams, aika superherkullisen näköisiä :)

    1. No niin ne kylla oli! Menivat samantien!


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