Aiming High

Friday, August 24, 2012

Arpad lookout

 Don't need to go out of the city for hiking,
the Buda Hills are full of great tracks.

The Árpád-Lookout is in the 2nd district of Budapest. It was build on the southeastern side of the 376 meter high Látó-Mountain after the initiative of Frigyes Glück in 1929. 

It stands still in the original form today. In 2001 it has been renovated.
 The lookout is a roof-covered terrace-like folkish style. It overs a nice view to the Danube and the southern and western part of the Buda hills.

 Hiking outfit:
pants - Rohnisch
top - Abercrombie&Fitch
sport bra - Lululemon
 Old running shoes are perfect for walking in the woods
and in Marimekko messenger bag it's easy to carry
a bottle of water, a smoothie and some almonds.
 First walked along Szepvolgyi ut which is a normal road 
up to Harmashatarhegy, where the hiking track starts.
 On a sweaty day it's so wonderful to leave the noisy city behind and enjoy some shade and fresh air.
Buda on the right side, Pest on the left
and the Danube in the middle.



  1. Ihanat ulkoilumahdollisuudet siellä!
    Pitäisi itsekin aktivoitua ja etsiä kivoja ulkoilureittejä. Täällä vaan intoa vie ne inhottavat hyttyset.

    1. joo, taa on aika monipuolinen ja iso kaupunki. Sita vaan valilla jamahtaa niin pienelle reviirille ettei edes muista mita kaikkea taalta loytyy.

  2. I loved Budapest, I was there one time in my life! Hug, Barbara

    1. When living here you so easily forget the good sides of the city...

  3. Nice blog here, now following! Also, I've visited your city many years ago, you're so lucky to live in such lovely place =)
    Hope you will follow me back, it would be great to keep in touch!


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