Tea Break

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

 Had a nice cup of Earl Grey tea 
at Bagatelle Bakery in MOM Park.
Which one to choose this time?
 Pistachio and banana
- banana one was not so delicious, a bit bitter
 Bagatelle has opened recently this small cafe and take-out place.
Well, it could have been there for some time already...
haven't been visiting MOM Park for ages.
 White with lavender as an accent colour
gives nice and fresh touch to the cafe.
Very un-Hungarian, by the way.
 Detail of a chandelier above a table.

As a heavy-user of tea, have to mention that 
Yogi teas are my favourite ones!
They have a wide selection of infusions and blended green teas.
Haven't found them in Hungary yet,
fortunately it's not a weight issue to bring them here overseas.


  1. I'm a green tea drinker. Haven't seen Yogi green tea in Finland. Where can you get it?

    1. Hyvä kysymys! Ostan näitä aina matkoilta USAsta.

  2. Wow, that looks so gorgeous! I really want some macarons now... :)


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