The Wolfsonian

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

 Sun and clouds, breezy,
winds E 15-20,
temperature 75F.

That would mean a heatwave in Finland,
but not in Miami.

 Perfect day for visiting the Wolfsonia
on 1001 Washington Avenue at 10th Street.

The Wolfsonia is a museum and research centre
in a finely restored 1927 storage facility.
In 1984 Michael Wolfson, Jr. bought it for his art collection.
It opened to the public in 1995.

 Facade of Mediterranean Revival Building
with Spanish Baroque-style relief around 
the main entrance.
A striking feature!

 A detail of an elaborate Deco window grille
taken from the Norris Theater in Pennsylvania.
Over 200 gilded and glazed terra-cotta tiles.

 The Wrestler
The symbol of the Wolfsonian is brawny, nude,
lifesized statue made of aluminium.

 Art Deco bronze mailbox from 1929,
originally in New York Central Railroad Terminal, Buffalo.

 Detail of a cast-iron relief.

 Furniture, ceramics, metalwork, paintings, posters
and architectural drawings are all found in the museum.

 Would love to have this table!
 That would be quite statement in the hall at home.
 For the office?
 A piece of Finland in the Wolfsonian:
wooden Paimio chair by Alvar Aalto.

 Wow, what a chic toaster!

 Had a cup of tea at the cafe and bookstore of the Wolfsonuan.
 Mosaic coffee table in the cafe.

Almost bought this paper dollhouse.

Before returning home popped into Victoria's Secret...

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