Friday, March 2, 2012

 Mizuno Wave running shoes are great.
Very light with soft cushions for heels.
The padded, low profile running socks 
by Lululemon are perfect.

 My new favourite running tops by Lululemon.
Practise freely Tank in blue,
Get Fit Tank in  aqua,
Scoop Neck Tank in light blue.

 It is such a great feeling to run in the morning
in a warm weather full of oxygen.
 Starting my one-hour-run at South Point of Miami Beach.


  1. Tulin heti vastavierailulle:) Hieno blogi sinulla, pitääkin kahlata läpi oikein ajan kanssa!

  2. piipahdin vastavierailulle blogiisi. Kiva kun käväisit kylässä.
    laitoin itseni lukijaksi :)
    Mukavaa iltaa sinulle

  3. I seriously need some new shoes for working out. I have the hardest time getting through any cardio routine because my feet start cramping. I'm assuming because of cheap shoes. I really like that pink color! When I get some new ones you know they will be fabulous like those!



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