Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mefistofele is an opera in a prologue
four acts and an epilogue
the only completed opera by the Italian 
composer-librettistArrigo Boito.

Mefistofele premiered on 5 March 1868 at La Scala in Milan.
At the time the opera was too avant-garde to the audience
and it turn out to be a fiasco.

Later it has been performed in all great opera houses.
Maria Callas has played the role of Margherita in 1958.
In the clip the part of Margherita is played by 
Hungarian Eva Marton.

The opera including the settings is quite
an experience - a real spectacle.
(unfortunately no pics of it!)
Absolutely worth seeing!

On Saturday the roles were:
Mefistofele - Gabor Bretz
Faust - Attila Fekete
- fantastic!
Margherita - Gabriella Kiss Letay
- fabulous!
Wagner - Gergely Boncser
Marta - Eva Panczel

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