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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

 Gorgeous, isn't it?
"Talvikukka" Winter Flower
by Paola Suhonen Ivana Helsinki
- every season the package get a new colour,
only a limited amount is made
 So what is this Vitalis?
Vitalis Waterfree is a uniquely rich cream.
It provides the skin with all it needs 
to stay nourished and smooth.
Ideal also for lips, hands and cuticles.

Probably every Finn knows this cream
from the childhood!
- it was spread over face 
when going out to save the skin
from the frosty and
windy Finnish winter,
especially when going skiing

The scent is a very unique one,
fresh and easy to recognise. 

The first Vitalis was made in 1936.

 Got these lovely Lumene products as Xmas present,
thank you so much, Virpi!

Rejuvenating Neck and Decollete Cream
with Arctic Sea Buckthorn
- have been using it before
and it really works!

Rejuvenating Instant Serum
with Arctic Sea Buckthorn
- totally new product for me

Illuminating and Smoothing Primer
with brightening Arctic Lingonberry
- perfect alone or under foundation,
gives fresh look

Detoxifying Mask & Micro Scrub
with Arctic Cloudberry
- fantastic product!
- gives fresh, clean, smooth skin
- best face scrub ever!

 Had read about these Blax snag-free hair elastics
and now found them at Sokos in Finland.
(not a Finnish product but from the US)

Bought the clear ones,
but they also come in black and bright pink.
- like to have my ponytail without
any extra colour

BLAX® hair elastics don’t look like much.
Just try them and you’ll use nothing else.

  • Can be used several hundred times
  • Keeps its elasticity
  • Is gentle with your hair
  • Remains in place
  • Glides out without tangling or pulling your hair

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