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Thursday, January 5, 2012

 Bought some DVDs in Finland:

Midnight in Paris 
- a comedy by Woody Allen
- Carla Bruni has a part in it!

- a French comedy by Francois Ozon
starring Catherine Deneuve and Gerard Depardieu
- it's suppose to be "elegant and funny",
so let's see!

Brides Maids
- a British comedy
- it's said to be "very, very, very funny"

Brothers and Sisters
- first and second seasons
- have seen some episodes of this American drama
and it seemed quite interesting

Watched this Finnish thriller 
"Vares - huhtikuun tytot"
- well, Swedes know how to make 
a great and exciting thriller
(Wallander, Beck, Maria Wern etc etc)
and so do Germans (Tatort),
but Finns...not quite...yet.

Best part of the film was the song in the end:
"Vaaryytta" by Apulanta

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