Caesars Palace

Friday, November 4, 2011

 The journey around the world continues to Rome in Caesars Palace
The massive Caesars Palace houses:
 3 casinos, 4 lounges, a landscape area with fountains,
3 swimming pools, wedding chapel,
Colosseum= concert hall and a shopping mall

The reception & lobby

You need a map there to find your way
Decorated ceiling
Some of the ceilings are painted to look like a sky,
so you feel as being outside in Rome
- well, not really
Never guess what store this is, do you?
Surprise - it's H&M!
Absolutely glamorous!
Christian Louboutin
All the hotels have very high-end brands there
LV, Prada, MiuMiu, Dior, Hermes...
but Caesars Palace has all of them and even more!
Some gladiator shows in the mall
The mall there is also called Forum Shops
Not so usual - curve escalators
So that was Rome

There you can already see the Campanile Tower,
so let's go to Venice!

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