Venice Beach

Monday, October 24, 2011

 Last Saturday lots of things happening on Venice Beach
- changing to new graffiti by painting the old one black
and then paint your own one on top of it
- great idea to have some new art
 As being interviewed and photographed
he's probably a famous skateboarder

 Practise track for skateboarders
 Even small children can make fabulous tricks by skateboards!
 The weather was rather foggy on Saturday
 Surfers didn't mind the fog
 Sonic Generations of Skate
took place next to Muscle Beach in Venice
 The world's best skateboard pros competed
- never seen anything like that,
just incredible!
 Some musical entertainment by the beach
 Body building by the beach
 Getting more quiet on Boardwalk near the Venice Pier
 Almost endless beach
Information board for surfers and swimmers

Venice Beach is a very alternative place
and has a hint of rebelliousness there
- plenty of weird-dos and homeless
mixed with people driving Lexus and Ferraris 

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