Canals Of Venice

Monday, October 24, 2011

 Had a walk along the canals
- amazing place!
 Abbot Kinney founded the city at the start of the 20th century
in the hope that it would become the hub of an American
cultural renaissance
- the lagoon, the mock-Italian buildings and the canals
were all his doings,
as were the 2dozen gondoliers
imported from Italy
 Many of the original canals were filled in during the 1920s,
but luckily some of them still exist 
- this small network of waterways is very idyllic,
a completely different world from the beach area 
 It's true that not for a one second one feels
to be in Italy,
but that's not the point,
the neighbourhood has a character of its own
 Modern houses, old houses
 Some of the houses have a very bright colour
 A walking bridge over the water
 Houses in Classic style
 Walkway long the canals
 The canal area is located south-east of 
Venice Boulevard and Pacific Avenue
 The canals are named as
Carroll Canal,
Linnie Canal,
Howland Canal,
Sherman Canal,
Eastern Canal
and Grand Canal

 Regulations for people walking by the canals
 The water is very clear there

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