Santa Monica Pier

Friday, October 28, 2011

 Santa Monica Pier
with amusing park, boardwalk, arcades and fishing areas
 Entrance to the pier
- the pier has been very popular since 1908
 View from the pier bridge to Palisades Park
 Santa Monica Pier
- cafes, restaurants, ice-cream parlours
 The end of Route 66
 Had a seafood lunch on the pier 

 Pop corn shrimps
 Snow-crab and clams
 The snow-crab was delicious
 More shrimps...
No need to say the lunch was pretty heavy!
 Santa Monica beach
- not so busy in the end of October
- Baywatch made the beach famous around the world,
but it's been the star of LA's coastline since the 1890s

 View of Santa Monica Pier from Palisades Park
 Had a walk up in the palisades Park
- 2,5km long path for walking and jogging
 The park is on the bluff overlooking to the ocean
 Variety of semitropical trees and plants
 Santa Monica beach houses
 Not so many skyscrapers in town

Everywhere the greens and lawns are extremely well kept

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