Golden Lining

Monday, August 1, 2011

 Found the other day
this porcelain jewellery box by Hollohaza
in a small not-really-an-antique shop
but a shop that sells old items
mainly cups, plates, glasswear, cutlery,
next to Eötvös utca piac (market)
in VI district Budapest 
- there's 1831 in the bottom
but don't know what that means as
Hollohaza was founded in 1777?
- it's from Endre Szasz collection
- like a lot his black and white collection
with golden lining
- it's hand-made and 21 carat gold!

Some facts about Endre Szasz:
Szasz's career as a painter developed in 1970,
when the Hungarian authorities allowed him to take up
a contract with a Canadian art gallery.
After four years in Toronto,
he moved to Los Angeles,
where he stayed until the early 1980s.
He had numerous exhibitions in Canada and the United States
- where his paintings fetched high prices -
and also befriended the surrealist painter Salvador Dali,
with whom he shared an agent.
Szasz returned to Hungary in 1982,
and helped to found the arts studio of
the Porcelain factory at Hollohaza.
For several years, he painted,
mostly on porcelain,
and designed furniture.
After this, he lived for a while in Sopron,
finally buying an old manor house near Kaposvár,
in the south of the country,
where he enjoyed life as reportedly
the sole owner of a Rolls-Royce
in communist Hungary. Wov!

By the way this the rose that got
at Dionysos restaurant on Thursday
- it's still fresh!
- usually those marketing roses don't last long

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