Deco Delights 2

Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Art Deco District on Ocean Drive

is mainly between 6th & 9th Streets

- South Beach's Deco District consists of

some 800 preserved buildings

Here're a couple of details of some of the buildings:


Ocean Drive


Florida's Art Deco version is called Tropical Deco .

Ocean liner features are comon in South Beach

. Motifs and friezes are typical for Tropical Deco style .
Leslie (1937)

- classic Art Deco hotel


Breakwater (1939)

- by Anton Skislewicz

- a classic Sreamline Moderne hotel

- the central tower recalls both a ship's

funnel and the totems of American Indian culture - the building is under renovation at the moment,

almost ready to be opened


Coloured stripes, "racing stripes",

give a feeling of speed & motion

- the railings edging the roof

imitate those on a ship's deck .

Waldorf Towers (1937)

- the ornamental lighthouse is one of

the most evocative examples of

Ocean Drive's "architecture for the seashore" - "eyebrows - flat overhangs above

the windows - are ideal for providing

shade against the unrelenting Miami sun


The maritime influence on the design of the Waldorf

and some other hotels led to the coining

of the phrase

"Nautical Moderne" .

Note: the racing stripes

- typical of Streamline Moderne


Colony (1935)

- one of Henry Hohauser's finest hotels

- Ocean Drive's most famous neon sign .

Beacon (1936)

- traditional abstract decoration

- an example of Leonard Horowitz's Deco Dazzle .

White, blue & green were popular colours

in the 1930s & '40s as they echo

Miami's tropical vegetation & the ocean .

Park Central (1937)

-designed by Henry Hohauser

- fine etched windows

Ocean Drive

Strict rules!

There're more Art Deco buldings on Collins Avenue

Most of the shops on Collins Avenue

are in nice smallish buildings

like Barneys Co-up .

Beautiful outdoor lamp

The bigger buildings on Collins Avenue

A modern? feature on the wall of a building
on Collins Avenue


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