Treasure Cay

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Some clouds in the sky
but otherwise the weather is more than warm
Perfect weather to go to the sea by boat
- oops, need a pedicure!
Decided to go to Treasure Cay
north of Elbow Cay

Arriving to Treasure Cay
- some of the best and most photographed beaches
in all of The Bahamas
- The Abacos' 2nd largest mainland settlement,
not an island as its name would imply.
Originally named as a result of a fleet of
more than 15 Spanish treasure galleons
that sank off its shores in the late 1500's,
Treasure Cay is The Abacos' largest example of
organized or "master planned" land
and community development.
Oh, what a beach!
- pic taken from Coco Beach Bar
Would it be possible to get tired
of this kind of view?
- would be nice to know...
The beach is continuing & continuing...
Walked all the way up to the west point
and back
It's just so gorgeous!
Snapped plenty of pics of the beach
while walking along it
Little birdie!
Lots of second home owners in the cay
Neat & well-planned area

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