Sunny Sunday At The Sea

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Had a great Sunday at the sea!
Need a good map and some navigation skills
- the waters occasionally very shallow
Planned to go to Little Harbour
but the sea got pretty rough
as it was blowing from the Atlantic
so made a u-turn
Back in the calm waters
Stopped at Abaco Beach Resort
near Marsh Harbour
for drinks
The harbour at Abaco Beach Resort
- our small boat on the left
Came to Hope Town by boat
for lunch
Lunch at Hope Town Harbour Lodge
Harbour Lodge has a nice beach
to the Atlantic Ocean
There's also a nice swimming pool
if one feels that
the water in the ocean is too cold
Beef burger with cheese, fries, mac'n cheese
- NOT!
1/2 dozen conch fritters swith cole slaw
- YES!
Lunch is over
- back to the sea!
Anchored the boat for sun-bathing
& enjoying the views
- some active people around water-skiing

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