"Joy" Shopping

Sunday, November 7, 2010

It is "Joy Napok" (=days)
meaning that lots of shops give 20% off
with Joy coupons
- bought these 2 rather huge glass vases
at Coin's with Joy discount
Bought also this light grey woollen jacket
at Hugo Boss on Fashion Street

Found it quite interesting & different
and suitable for wearing in town
= perfect city jacket
Bought the Creme de La Mer
at Stockmann's in Helsinki
but they didn't have yet the Intense Eye Balm
(a bit weird not to having it as
it's been on the market for some time already!)
- got the eye balm at Douglas Mammut
with 20% off!
Very happy!
- the La Mer sales assistant asked which samples
would I like to have
(good service!)
- got the Regenerating Serum for night
& Lifting Serum for day
Comfortable loose shirt with interesting
row of buttons
by Philosophy Blues Original
The buttons
Blue jeans by Sand
- finally found a pair whch is not a low waist model!
A new Polar FT7
- the previous one collapsed a couple of years ago...
so it was time for a new one
- the sales assistant told that it's easy to use
but still, hate to read the instructions...
always so complicated!
Hopefully can get rid of the flu very soon
to get back to running etc!

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