Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bought a bottle of goji berry juice at Culinaris
- said to be Tibet's miracle berry!
- harvested from the Tibetian Plateau,
the "Roof of the World"
- goji berries are also known as "Red Diamonds"
for their preciousness
- according to Time Magazine:
"...some fruits have better health credentials than others.
So-called superfruits...
And, this year's breakout was the goji berry."
The glowing facts about Gloji:
- 100% juice, all natural
- contains 360 goji berries
- world's only filtered goji juice
- made with organic ingrredients
- let's see how it tastes!
Well, bought also a box of Barú chocolates...
- heavenly Belgian dark chocolate!

All natural
no artificial colours
no artificial flavours

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