Balenchine- Est

Saturday, October 30, 2010

On Thursday went to see
George Balenchine's Balenchine Est
at Opera in Budapest
The ballet consists 3 parts:
- Tsaikovsky
Concerto Barocco
- Johann Sebastian Bach
The first 2 ones beautiful classical ballets
Who Cares?
- George Gershwin
The third one was more like musical type
-also very good!
George Balanchine (January 22, 1904 – April 30, 1983),
born in Saint Petersburg,
was one of the 20th century's foremost choreographers,
a pioneer of ballet in the United States,
co-founder and balletmaster of New York City Ballet:
his work created modern ballet,
based on his deep knowledge of classical forms and techniques.
He was a choreographer known for his musicality;
he did not illustrate music
but expressed it in dance and
worked extensively with Igor Stravinsky.

On Wednesday had dinner with children and friends
at Menza

The food in Menza is ok, nothing fancy
- had chicken breast with pistacchio coating
and some salad
. Menza burger is a good choice for children
- quite big though!
. Warm chocolate cake with vanilla ice-cream
for dessert

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