Kings Place

Saturday, September 11, 2010

A cappella group "In The Smoke"
singing beautifully
up there
at Kings Place
Beautiful spacious building
designed by Peter Millican
- the house is not only for culture but also
hosting some offices
it's the home for
London Sinfonietta
& Guardian newspaper
( Sorry, the quality of pics is not so good... )
Endymion playing
Mozart Clarinet Quintet in A
Brahms Clarinet Quintet in B minor- pleasant start for Saturday !
Glass Façade
One of the most distinctive design features of the building
is the three-layered undulating glass façade
covering the west-facing York Way frontage.
This is a free-standing transparent surface
made up of hundreds of very slightly curved sheets of glass,
produced in a factory near Venice.
As well as being a beautiful design statement,
it has practical benefits;
from allowing Kings Place to be seen
and recognised by visitors from as far as
Kings Cross station to reducing heat gain
from the afternoon sun.
Lunch at Kings Place
Salmon quishe with salad,
cup of tea
and a scone-like cookie
- good!
Kings Place by Regent Canal

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