The House Of Games

Saturday, September 11, 2010

" The House Of Games"
at Almeida
Based on the Screenplay by David Mamet,
story by David Mamet and Jonathan Katz;
stage version by Richard Bean
“This is a confidence game,
not because you give me your confidence,
but because I give you mine."
. Stage still in dark before the performance started
Harvard-educated psychoanalyst Margaret Ford
is celebrated for her best selling book
‘Driven! Compulsion and Obsession in Every Day Life’.
Stepping in to help one of her patients
settle his gambling debts,
she compromises her professional reputation
and is drawn into the seedy underworld
of the House of Games poker club.
Seduced by charismatic hustler Mike,
Margaret convinces herself that she can make
an academic study of the con.
Before she realises it,
Margaret is entangled in a fast-paced complex thriller.
Great to see something in English!
Not a world-breaking play
but quite amusing
- charicature characteres

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