Island Tour I

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Rented a car for 2 days on Wednesday
to explore the rest of the island...
Not the previous one
but this red jeep
First day is for the Southern part of Corfu
First stop in Kanoni
to see the Monastery of the Virgin of Vlacherna
- set on the islet of Vlacherna,
linked to Corfu by a smal bridge
Monastery shop inside
The lagoon of Chalikopoulos
The Corfu airport is just a couple of kilometers
from the Corfu Town
near Kanoni
- dramatically exciting!
Second stop:
Korision Lake
- the fresh water lake is around 5km long
- surrounded by lush vegetation
Said to b a fabulous haven for wildlife,
such as sandpipers & egrets
- easy to believe
A massive stretch of water separated from the sea
by sand dunes and beaches
Jeep was extremely practical in this sand!
On the other side of the dunes
is a long sandy beach
Surfers paradise
as the wind is rather strong here
Lemon tree
Continued driving to Kavos
which according to
Eyewitness Travel Top 10
Corfu & The Ionian islands
was a traditional villge
with scenic beauty
Well, Kavos looks like this
and this
- full of British youngsters
trying to recover from hangout
As didn't feel like having lunch in Kavos
drove to the next village, Potami in Lefkimmi
to find some place to eat
Cheeky Face taverna in Potami
- looks a liitle bit suspicious,
but the Greek food was good!
- in Greece the outlook of a place
is not equivalent to the quality of food
Port of Petriti
Beautiful way from Petriti to Boukaris
- it can be made by foot as the traffic
is not heavy on this road
but this time made it by car
Olive groves
- there're millions of olive trees in Corfu
Glifada beach
- sea looks always so wonderful
Kaiser's Thorne in Pelekas
- left the car down in the village
and walked up here
View from the Kaiser's Thorne
and to the other direction
Looks pittoresque!
Narrow alleys of Pelekas
Roofs of Pelekas
Herbs by a wall
Fire somewhere!
- it's really dry so no wonder
The sheep seem to be ok,
not worried or restless

It do look frightening!

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