Achilleion Palace

Monday, September 6, 2010

Empress Elisabeth of Austria (Sissi)
welcoming the visitors
Friday morning spent by the pool,
skipped the lunch
and drove to Achilleion Palace
Neo-Classical Palace
- built in the late 1890s
for the Empress Elisabeth of Austria
The entrance hall to the palace is
dominated by a massive
marble staircase and
stunning ceiling decorations
Pale mint green room
Detail of a wall decoration
Gorgeous fireplace
Interesting detail:
dark red ceiling and pale blue walls
View of Corfu Town from the palace garden
Huge statue of Achilles
before he got shot by an arrow to his heel
Beautiful pilars in the inner courtyard
The palace was ok,
but unfortunately only the ground floor
was open for public,
and there was not so many personal belongings
of Sissi
- it could have been made better & nicer
even by using replicas
On the way back to Corfu Town
it started to rain
and the weather changed much cooler
Rainy & windy evening!

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