Shoe Shopping

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Monday was for shoe hunting in Vienna
- looking for something light & summerish
for a wedding party, not black...
Had in mind Louboutin's Spritney T-bar sandal in nude,
obviously it's sold out everywhere
- sent several e-mails to Louboutin boutiques
and was ready to fly to Paris to buy a pair
but no luck!
In Vienna visited every single boutique,
but as the sales 're on and the autumn season
things are already in,
no luck!
Ended up with this BLACK pair of
Bally's sandals
- at least they look light...
The service at Bally's was excellent!
- almost bought a pair of sandals
althought they were a bit tight (39)
and a bigger size (40) was a bit too loose
- the sales assistant didn't recommend to
buy either of them,
instead quickly checked another model
in the storage and brought a pair
in 39,5
which fitted perfectly!
And it was on sale!
Very happy!
Graben 12
1010 Vienna
Bought a pack of travel size Kerastase
shampoo & conditions
Skipped the Sacher cake
but didn't skip the place, Sacher Bistro
- instead of the usual piece of cake
had an excellent tuna salad there
Reason for that:
having enormous difficulties
fitting into my rasberry red silk dress
which suppose to wear in the end of this month...

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