Sigmund-Thun Klamm

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Went by bicycle from Zell am See to Kaprun
- somehow managed to take the longest way via Bruck...
and from there to see the famous gorge of Sigmund-Thun
- again didn't take the shortest way...
passed the sign without noticing it,
rode up a couple of kilometers
or actually walked the bike...
Had to have a break and a cup of
hot chocolate with cream
to get some energy to continue
In 1893, the gorge was developed as a tourist attraction
with a boardwalk planned by
Kaprun tourism pioneer Nikolaus Gassner.
It was named after Sigmund Graf von Thun,
who was governor of Salzburg at the time.
The gorge was designated as a natural monument in 1934,
and closed in 1938 when the boardwalk had to be condemned.
The boardwalk was rebuilt in 1991
and reopened in summer 1992
More snaps of the impressive gorge:




In the afternoon took City Xpress lift
to Ghf. Mittelstation in 1400m
Going up
Starting to go down
And going down
- the lift operates till 5pm
so didn't have much time to spend up there
- no problem, it was rather chilly

Gorgeous balcony flowers everywhere!
- how can they do it???
My balcony stays ok max 1 week...


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