Silja Europe

Friday, June 25, 2010

Last Saturday flew from Budapest to Turku
by Wizzair
- took a ferry from Turku to Stockholm
Dinner onboard (Silja Europe)
A table at Maxim's was reserved

Toast Skagen
- delicious!
- balsamico was a bit strange choice,
too strong with the delicate shrimps
There was also a gorgeous hors d'oeuvre table...
Grilled prawns & St Jacob's mussels
with rice & peas
- ok, the sauce was too heavy
and the portion was quite huge
Vanilla ice cream, berries and
caramel custard
- fantastic!
Huge dessert table!
Unfortunately couldn't taste all the sweet things there...
Very handy!
- 4 cases of beer with a trolley
And if 4 cases is not enough
there're also bigger ones!
Saturday night was not the most
comfortable & relaxing time to travel
everyone was partying

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