National Gallop 2010

Sunday, June 6, 2010

The National Gallop in Budapest
- Horse communities and horse fans all over country
keep track of the programs in Budapest
where the organizers have been working for more than 3 months
to prepare the main events of the National Gallop
This year the National Gallop lasted for 5 days
and grew bigger with a new racetrack
2010 is the Memorial Year of Count Széchenyi
therefore the National Gallop dedicates its programs
to the ‘Greatest Hungarian’ in cooperation
with the Széchenyi Memorial Committee.
The following 8 horse brands can compete in the category:
`Furioso-north Star`,
`Kisbéri félvér`,
`Shagya arab` (`bábolnai arab`),
`Magyar hidegvérű ló`
and the `Hucul`.
According to the regulations,
each settlement organizing a regional gallop can
represent itself on the Gallop Promenade
taking place on Andrássy Avenue.
And ifyou felt hungry
there're plenty of
delicasies of the Hungarian kitchen:
Soup for a starter
Meat for main course
Some vegetables to lighten up the meal
Hősök tér
Luckily the weather's perfect!
Andrássy út

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