Sunny Stockholm!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Early morning flight to Stockholm on Thursday
- arrived so early to the hotel that
couldn't check-in yet
Walked in Kungsholmen in a perfect weather!
- wanted to go to R.O.O.M - the famous interior shop
but it was closed down!
There was still the sign up,
but nothing inside - verý sad!
As it was lunch time = noon
(at 11 o'clock starts the lunch time in Northern Europe!)
decided to eat something at the restaurant
called Ett Litet Kök
next to the former R.O.O.M
Had shrimp salad, of course!
- lots of hand peeled shrimps, asparagus,
avocado, boiled egg (not too hard which was great),
new potatoes, tomato wedges, iceberg salad
& Thousand Island sauce
- nice & fresh portion
Ett Litet Kök
Alströmergatan 20
112 47 Stockholm
- nice lunch place
Hungarians would call these houses:
"Mediterran hangulat"
= Mediteranean atmosphere
(because of the colours!)
- for me they look rather Scandinavian
After all that walking & shopping
in a gorgeous weather
had a break at Wayne's Coffee
- water with lemon,
pomegranate&green tea drink
(detox drink, no added sugar - very nice taste),
& organic blueberry muffin

And finally the results of the shopping:
Not possible to leave Sweden without
Victoria's & Daniel's Wedding chocolates
Not only chocolate,
also some other "tillbehörer"
like these 2 cute bowls by Rörstrand
& royal paper napkins
Stockholm is the place to buy Gant products
NK has a nice Gant Home department
- bought 2 white duvets with black details
& also 2 pillow cases to match
Lexington department is next to Gant at NK
- bought black & white blanket
(have already light grey one and love it!
It's so soft & comfortable cotton)
. Bought the 3 latest Wallander dvd's,
& 2 other films:
"Coco avant Chanel"
"Los abrazos rotos"
a cd of Volbeat!
(great music for running)

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