Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Woke up in a funny noise
- looked down from the window
and saw a gondolier turning in a narrow corner
Had breakfast in the main building DD724
as usual
The weather looked so nice & sunny,
so took vaporetto from Accademia to San Marco,
and from there to Murano
- it takes about 40min to get to Murano
In Murano everything is smaller than in the "city"
Muran is famous for its glassmaking industry since 1291
Interesting glass sculpture
Paid a visit to a glass factory Mazzega
- saw some interesting & beautiful objects
- the prices for medium size vases are
around €600-800 + shipping (very heavy!)
(later saw similar vases near San Marco
with lower prices like €400...)
- difficult to know wether really made in Venice or in China
Visited in Museo Vetrario
= glass museum
- interesting history of glass-making
and lots of beautiful objects
including chandeliers and table decorations
Some bigger villas can be found there too,
not only small houses
Had lunch at Ai Piantaleoni
- good black pasta with shrimps, tomato & saffron

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