La Bayadére

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Went to see La Bayadére ballet
to Hungarian State Operahouse
on Sunday morning at 11am
- somehow like a lot these morning performances
on weekends
La Bayadére is a beautiful piece,
but the music is a little boring
and the dances are quite alike
- the main dancers're very good,
but some of the group scenes were not so harmonious...
Music by Ludwig Minkus
Choreography by Marius Petipa
The tragic love story is happening in India
- the setting is beautiful & rich in colours
The main characters
& best dancers:
Nikiya - Popova Aleszja
- she has won prizes in several international ballet competitions:
Lausanne, Helsinki, Capri, Budapest,
Rudolf Nurejev International ballet Competition
Solor - Bakó Máté
Gamzatti - Radinya Dace
- she studied at the Riga Ballet Academy
The Golden Idol - Kerényi Miklós Dávid

The ballet is set in legendary India.
Nikiya, a bayadère or temple dancer,
is in love with Solor, a noble warrior.
However, the Rajah decides to marry his daughter Gamzatti to Solor;
overwhelmed by her beauty,
Solor forgets his vows of love to Nikiya.
When the Rajah learns of Nikiya and Solor’s love from the High Brahmin
(who is also in love with Nikiya),
he decides to have the bayadère killed.
Gamzatti tries to persuade Nikiya to give up Solor,
but she refuses and attacks the princess
who then also decides to have the bayadère killed.
Nikiya dances at the betrothal celebrations of Gamzatti and Solor.
She is fatefully bitten by a poisonous snake
hidden in a basket of flowers sent
by the Rajah and Gamzatti.
Solor has an hallucinatory vision of Nikiya
in the "Kingdom of the Shades".
He tries to grasp her but she disappears.
Later, at his wedding ceremony
he is again haunted by the vision of Nikiya
which he alone can see.
The gods, infuriated by the killing of Nikiya,
destroy the temple, killing everyone in it.
The spirits of Nikiya and Solor are reunited in eternal love.

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