Snorkling Excursion

Saturday, January 23, 2010

On Wednesday joined a snorkling excursion
organized by Stuart Cove's
- pick up time at 8.30am at the hotel
- the bus took us to South Ocean Beach
where the boats're waiting
First stop was close to Goulding Cay
- here it was also possible to feed fish
The staff gave good instructions
and helped people to go into the water

Second stop was near Nygård Cay
which is named after Finnish-born Peter Nygård
whose house burnt down a couple of years ago
-still looks quite dramatic
- locals told that he has already started rebuilding it
Personal "submarines"
- funny looking!
- absolutely too scary to try one!
The reef was full of colourful fish species
- was told not to touch the coral,
because it could cause a burning painful feeling for a long time
Last stop was to meet some sharks....
- the instructions were very strict:
no feeding
no splashing
at least one hand on the rope,
other hand next to body
- a bait of rotten fish was placed in the bottom
to atract sharks
After everyone got back to the boat,
the staff was feeding the shark
and they came up near the surface
Back in Nassau had lunch at
Jamaican-Bahamian restaurant
- full of locals,
no tourist at all
Fried whole snapper
with typical side dishes:
rice'n beans & plantain
- good, rather spicy

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