Bahamian Kitchen

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Tuesday dinner at Bahamian Kitchen
in downtown of Nassau
A bit boring to always start with conch fritters
- but they are so delicious & unique!
Fried mahi-mahi with rice'n beans
& coleslaw
- ok, the texture of fish was too soft &
like it had been in a some kind of liquid
The interiors of the restaurants in Nassau
are quite simple,
yet colourful
Eye-catching curtains!

Transparent plastics to protect the tablecloths
After the dinner went to see the bar,
which was in another room of the restaurant
Only locals were in the bar
- the man in the middle was on TV,
he's a lawer & politician
- funny man who represents Love & Peace party
and claims to be the Prime Minister of Bahamas one day
Let's see....

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