Puerto Sagua

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

After all that heavy shopping
went to have dinner at a Cuban diner
called Puerto Sagua
- popular place
- not paid much attention to the interior,
authentically old
- funny, very kitcsh-style pictures on the walls
Fried yuca
with garlic-lemon sauce
- didn't like it, almost like deep-fried potatoe
This fibrous root vegetable is often served
battered and fried,
like a thick French fry,
or boiled and doused with garlic sauce
Salad was good & tasty
- very fresh

Pollo asado
= rosted chicken
- delicious!
- not dry at all, tasty & juicy

Side dish:
white rice, fried plantain...
. beans
- very similar to Bahamian kitchen
there rice & beans were mixed together
Rice is a staple of Floribbean cooking
- served with black beans: Cuban,
pigeon peas: Jamaican,
red beans: Cajun
Puerto Sagua
700 Collins Avenue
Miami Beach
Puerto Sagua in day light

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