Varenna - Lago di Como

Friday, August 21, 2009

Bought again a day-ticket for the boats,
this time went to Varenna
Varenna is located on the right bank of Lake Como
. Pedestrian way to the town centre
. Beautiful rowning boat
. Gallery of Franca Carzaniga
.One of the many doors of Varenna
. Extraordinary balcony connecting 2 buildings
Lunch at Vecchia Varenna
Sliced eggplant with tomato sauce and parmesan cheese
Not on the menu,
but asked if it was possible to have
a grilled lavarello
- yes, it was!
View of lake Como
from the restaurant
After lunch it was time to walk
up to the hill
to Castello di Vezio
Coble stoned way took up there,
first it was quite easy,
but as the people coming down told
it was getting steeper and steeper
- and again the weather was around 40C
Castello di Vezio
Took another way down
(shoudn't have done that!)
Steep, narrow, loose pebbles...
- quite an experience with flip-flops on
Passed this shrine on the way down
- someone had brought flowers there recently!

Almost made it,
still some meters to go

Varenna down there on the right corner
In Varenna had a threat
pistacchio & stracciatella home-made ice-cream
- lovely!
Town of Varenna
& Castello di Vezio
on the top of the hill
Couple of days on Lake Como
is not enought to explore the whole area of the lake,
asked if the hotel would have a free room for a couple of more days
- it was possible, so will stay a bit longer

Breakfast lounge of Borgo le terrazze

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