Room 32

Monday, August 24, 2009

As booking a room with Elena’s help in Cinque Terre area,
found out it was really hard to get any kind accommodation there.
Finally managed to get a room in Santa Margarita near Portofino,
but only starting on Monday.
So had to booked 2 more nights
at Borgo le Terrazzo
- actually it was a good idea:
the hotel Borgo le terrazzo is beautiful
and there are so much to see on Como Lake.
No wonder George Clooney have bought a villa there!
Couldn’t keep the same room (room 9)
with a beautiful view over the lake.
Changed it to room 32 - wow!
That was pure luxury!
Absolutely one of the best rooms ever!

Gorgeous view of the lake, huge balcony with sun beds,
tastefully decorated.
Loved it!

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