Ristorante Da Beppe

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fishing boat has arrived
- lots of people waiting for it at the port
for fresh fish
The restaurant Da Beppe is located next to the port
Da Beppe Achilli
A mix of 2 starters:
Shrimps and anchovy & potato
. Feresin Davide
Friuli Isonzo pinot grigio 2007
- rose wine type of colour,
but no taste of rose
- strong, deep taste, very good!
Golden bottle of local olive oil
. Dorada with pine kernels & olives
- fantastic!
. Truffle ice-cream
Rating: 4,8/5
- marvellous food
- good, professional, friendly service
- cosy interior
Restaurant continues a family tradition
started in 1945
and carried out by present owners
Francesco Achilli and his mother Vanda
Beppe Achilli
Via Bottaro 29
Santa Margherita Ligure
Colourfully painted houses in
Santa Margherita Ligure

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