Restaurant Weisses Rössl

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Weisses Rössl
- saw it earlier and
decided to have the Friday dinner there

Before the dinner had a little walk
and found a place by the river Inn
with full of stalls selling food & drinks
The entrance to Weisses Rössl
A glass of prosecco
Plate of Austrian delicasies
as a starter
- excellent ham
Wiener Schnitzel
(actually 2pc!)
made of veal
with mixed salad
and mixed mushrooms
- fantastic meal with some Gruner Veltinger
- the schnitzel was crispy, thin & juicy
Tirolean details
Traditional Austrian kitchen
in autentic surroundings
Weisses Rössl
Kiebachgasse 8
6020 Innsbruck

1 comment:

  1. I took one look at the doorways and the schnitzel and knew you were in Austria. Innsbruck is full of surprises. Have you taken the walking guided tour via the tourist information office? You get walks to places not open to the general public anymore; it's all to do with preservation. They are such interesting little corners.


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