A Day in Piran

Friday, May 22, 2009

Streets of Piran
After jogging, swimming and having breakfast,
had a walk in Piran
before lunch
Lady selling artichokes

Vegetable stands at the market place
Local designs
.Way up to the church
- the bell tower of the church of St George
was built in 1608,
following the model of St Mark's tower
in Venice
Tartini Square
- a monument to violinist and composer
Giuseppe Tartini
by Venetian sculptor Antonio del Zotta
was built in 1896
- the municipal palace (on the right) from 1879
is a typical example of historicism,
it was built in the same place
as the old municipal building from 1292
(in the Romanesque style)
St. Peter's church by Tartini Square
stood outside the town walls in 1272
- it obtained its classicist appearance in 1818
Entrance to the Maritime Museum
- the Maritime Museum was founded in 1954
- there's a collection of exhibits related to
the navigation, fisheries and salt works
of this coastal area
Lunch at Riva,
by the way, had dinner in the same place yesterday...
and ate almost the same meal...
"Sausage" plate for 3
- had it for dinner yesterday
Scampi pizza
- had it for dinner yesterday and also for lunch today
with fresh salad
Could have chosen grilled sardines...
Yesterday after dinner had Italian sorbet
Walked to Fiesa after the lunch.
On the way saw a couple who had their wedding ceremony under the sea!
Bought some salty goods

Sea salt, salty chocolate and body scrub salt

Sea salt 1kg=€1
Salt shop by Tartini Square.
The Venetian building is one of the most beautiful
Gothic buildings in Slovenia
- built in the middle of the 15th century
After a short swim in the sea,
it was time for having dinner.
This time at Pavel 2
Grilled scallops

Grilled scampi
The food in Piran is simple but so fresh and delicious!

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