Monday, May 25, 2009

This is the view from the bed in room 302 of Hotel Piran:
sea right in the front of you!
After jogging
- hate to say "jogging" instead of running,
but it was really so slow moving
that cannot use the term "running"of it,
and dipping into the sea
- cannot say swimming either,
and having breakfast
it was time to drive back to Budapest.
Just some final pics from Piran:

Windowsill with full of flowers
Been a laundry day for someone
Atelje Duka
- nice cat figures
Lots of small galleries
It's not accurately known whwn the parish church of St. George was built;
most probably around the year 600.
It was renovated in 1345
and it obtained its present Baroque appearance in 1637.
Its rich interior includes 2 sculptures of St George,
2 large canvases by the master A. de Coster from 1706,
and 7 altars.
View over Piran from the church of St. George
Forgot to mention:
on Friday walked to Portoroz
This recently renovated hotel
was one of the most beautiful and modern hotels
on the eastern Adriatic coast
during World War I
Today it is Kempinski Palace Hotel
Flowers in the front garden of Kempinski
Cake break in Portoroz
Lavenders by the lagun of Hotel Bernardin
On the way back Budapest
had a break at Marche somewhere on M7 in Hungary
You can really finally get this kind of snack in Hungary!

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