Transatlantic Day 1

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Woke up at 6.20 on Tuesday morning
and headed to the gym.
Had a nice 40mins run and little bit of stretching.
- nicely equipmented gym
- 16 treadmills with tv-screens
- crosstrainers, bikes, all kind of machines etc
Back to the cabin for a shower.
At 8am purser made an announcement
that we had turn back towards Cotswold’s
as a helicopter will arrive to take a patient to hospital.
No-one was allowed to be on the decks outside
or in the balconies at that time.
Also the cabins nearby and below the helicopter were evacuated.
Eric, our steward, came to ask us to leave the cabin for a moment.
For the day chose to dress in:
Black trousers by Hugo Boss (same as last night)
Brownish, stripy pullover by Missoni
Black ballerinas by Prada
Had breakfast at Britannia Club.
The American couple had arrived
but the British one didn’t show up.
Fresh fruit salad,
omelet with ham, mushrooms & cheese and
croissant were excellent.
Tea was a bit too bitter
and the orange juice was a very standard one,
not freshly squeezed, unfortunately.
Ratings: 4/5
Mayfair Shops
Deck 3 Grand Lobby
Swarovski jewellery
- didn't buy anything!
Had a short walk outside on the deck 7 – there’s a walking track –
lots of people using it.
Partly sunny, 11C, briskly and windy
Borrowed F. Scott Fitzgerald’sThe Great Gatsby” at the library of QM2.
The library of QM2
- really good!
Went to spa in mean to read at least 1/3 of the book.
Had a good start but fell asleep after couple of pages.
Woke up for lunch…
Had a deli lunch at King’s Court Chef’s Galley
- feta salad with spinach
- slice of pizza margarita
- tuna sandwich
- too much food, I know…
- King’s Court is a self-service big place
where you take a tray and pick up any food you like
– lots of choices, easy & quick
- No table clothes on the tables
Later had an afternoon tea at Sir Samuel’s with a strawberry tart
Dress code for evening: Formal
Black long evening dress by Max Mara
Black high heels by Prada
Black silver crystal bracelet and similar earrings by Furla
Black evening bag by LV
Hair open made by a hairdresser.
At 6pm appointment for hairdresser’s on deck 8
- shampoo + blow dry
- she made it quite nicely, not curly but full
Got an invitation to join Commodore Bernard Warner
at 6.30pm in the Queens Room for cocktails,
unfortunately couldn’t make it so went to the 2nd sitting.
Sat at a table with a Spanish couple from nearby Seville
– funny people.
Had a possibility to practice Spanish
as the lady didn’t speak English.
Well, the husband did speak a bit of English
– told that last year visited Helsinki
and had the hottest ever hot dog there.
Perro caliente!
Queens Room
Dinner at Britannia Club
This club-like private salon serves quests in the Britannia Club category.
This intimate single-seating dining room offers
special a la carte selections in addition
to the succulent Britannia Restaurant menu,
with personalised White Star Service
Britannia Restaurant
- Britannia Club is a part of it
Both the American and British couple had dined already
Chose again the Canyon Ranch Spa Selections,
because of its lightness and taste as well

Artichoke salad with Parmesan cheese
- excellent

Pan-seared peppered swordfish with carrot stir-fry
- good. The fish tasted a bit oily

Frangipane apple tart
- fabulous! One of the best apple tarts ever!
A glass of pinot grigio & amarone
Rating: 4/5
Before the night’s show
had a glass of Veuve Clicquet Rose Reserva
at Champagne Bar
. ...
At 10.45pm Variety showtime:
Virtuso flautist Bettine Clemen & vocalist Aaron Shaw
Bettine has 85 flutes which 6 of them she had for the show.
She played pieces like Stradesky marsh, Carmen…
Tenor Aaron Shaw sang songs that are usually performed by Mario Lanza, Andrea Bocelli…
Nice one-hour-show!
Afterwards bought 2 of Bettine’s cd’s – let’s see how it sounds back at home…
"Classical Offering" & "Salut of Amour"
Again at midnight the time was set 1 hour backwards

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