Transatlantic Day 2

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Morning view from the balcony
Wednesday morning started with partly cloudy weather,
2-3m high waves.
Ran 40mins in the gym. Quite a challenge to stay on the running machine
– without any incline it was like running up and down.
Occasionally it was very light to run in the speed of 9km/h – felt like flying.
On the other hand occasionally it felt nothing like that!

Wednesday’s dress:
Black-white-lilac-pale pink cashmere dress by Diane von Furstenberg
Black ballerinas by Prada
Crystal earrings by Swarovski
Breakfast at Britannia Club
Both couples had already arrived and waited for their portions.
Had fresh fruit salad,
toasted bagel with cold-smoked salmon, cream cheese, capers and lemon
– loved that!
Got already the NY-feeling!

Rating: 5-/5
- breakfast couldn’t get any better!
Much better than a buffet one where you always eat too much.
Britannia Club
Time to continue reading the book that started yesterday.
Same thing happened as yesterday
– after a couple of pages fell asleep…

Lunch at King’s Court
Green salad and a shrimp sandwich

Walked outside on the 7th deck in a sunny
but very windy weather for app.15mins
Grand Lobby
3.30pm afternoon tea at Queens Room
Tea with
Small salmon and tuna sandwiches
Conches with cream & raspberry jam
- very very nice! - Also very heavy!

At 6pm hairdresser
- he made the hair really nicely up!

Dress code: Formal
Same black dress by Max Mara and Prada shoes as on Tuesday…
But made it look a bit different with accessories:
Pale peach colour rose on the neck & sea shell replica bangle, both by HM

Dinner at Todd English
A glass of Veuve Cliquet Rose Reserve
Fried calamari with artichokes, preserved lemon, caper aioli
- excellent!
Main course: “Love Letters”
Pumpkin puree and amaretto biscuit with Madeira glaze
- didn’t say anywhere that it was pasta
- delicious, ate all even though the portion was quite big
Panache of seasonal sorbet: banana, raspberry & mango
- banana was interesting – never had it before
- mango was gorgeous
Rating: 4/5
- To dine at Todd English a reservtion is required
a cover charge of $30/person is applied
Had a drink at Veuve Clicquet Champagne bar before the night’s show.
Champagne Bar, Ceck 3
At 10.30pm “Singers in Concert”
Featuring the Royal Cunard Singers
and the combined talents of the Queen Mary 2 musicians
for a concert style show.
- the singers – 2 women, 2 men – were very good
- didn’t like the music, found it boring,
some kind of 60s & 70s contemporary songs,
recognized only couple of the songs
Clocks were set back again by 1 hour!

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