Regen therapy 4 & 5

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Had the 4th session of Regen therapy last week before going to Finland
and the 5th one this week on Thursday.
Don't really know if the amount of cellulite has gone down or not.
It can be that the amount of food consumed lately has something to do with it...
Skin does feel smoother though.
A bit difficult to see myself the back of my tights,
but Adel - the lady who makes Regen therapy - conviced that improvement has occured.
One more session to go + 45mins
because instead of 20mins/tights/session
Adel could have made only app.10mins/tights
because of the sensitive skin.
Got VIP-card to Levendula Day Spa!
Can get some special offers and discounts like this week:
-25% from Shiseido products.
Bought Shiseido Benefiance Pure retinol Instant Treatment Eye Mask
- hopefully it will work for my awfull looking eye area
Last week had also 25mins deep tissue back massage at Levendula Day Spa
- that was effective and strong enough
- no pain in the upper part of my back and shoulders after the treatment
Other treatments this week:
Sugar paste waxing at Réka's
Leg and back massage at Ági's
Decleor facial at Marionnaud

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