Sugar paste

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Had to go for a waxing!
This autumn tried to survive just with using a razor by myself,
but it was awful - had to use the razor almost every day!
Actually didn't go for a waxing but for a sugar paste hair removal treatment.
Not painless, though...
It took 1,5h for Réka to make this treatment!
The remaining hair in the armpits she took away with a tweezer...
Not painless at all!
All this 8.200,-ft
incl. the brows with a tweezer
- decided to get it done every 2nd week
100% natural
Body sugaring is a method of hair removal dating back to Ancient Egypt.
Similar to waxing, the hair is removed from the root,
resulting in smoother, longer-lasting results,
and when the hair grows back it is often softer and thinner than before.
Many people find sugaring to be much less painful than traditional waxing.
Afterwards had a leg & back massage by Ági at Compagnia Beauty
Andrassy út 76.
- 1hour 5.500,-ft

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