Regen therapy

Friday, November 7, 2008

Started a new treatment against cellulite - Regen therapy
at Levendula Day Spa
1054 Budapest, Báthory utca 6.
Regen therapy is a painless cellulite reduction system using radio frequency.
Said to be efficient and powerful treatment solution.
Let's see if it works!
Wanted to get rid of the ugly cellulite and tone the buttocks and thights
The treatment was 2x20mins.
It really felt efficient and powerful but totally painless
- just warm - sometimes a bit hot but not too hot - and strong.
Adél - the massage therapist - was like ironing.
After the Regen treatment she add some moisturising cream
and gave a suit -like a hosery -to put on and started
2x 5mins with the LPG machine.
After the treatment it is not allowed to go to solarium or sauna for the next 24h.
And not to add any cellulite cream on that day.
Adél recommended Shiseido's Body Creator products to use during the treatments.
Bought a ticket for 6 sessions:
Regen body 40mins x 6
LPG 10mins x 6
- got a gift voucher for Chocolate Spa -body treatment!
Can't wait for the visible results!
Regen therapy is also for face to tightening and rejuvenating
- will try it later!

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