Eye brows

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Had used a tweezer a bit too much over the years!
Eye brows needed not just reshaped but a fuller and longer look as well.
Szilvi, the manicurist, recommended Andi at Kleopátra.
Had an appoinment with Andi earlier this week.
She is really a professional!
It took 45 mins to do the permanent make-up for eye brows
costed 12.000,-ft
First she drew the shape with a dark pencil.
After accepting it, there are wide range of shades to choose from.
Chose a shade of light brown.
She didn't do it with spotting the colour like done when tattooing but with drawing short lines.
Didn't hurt at all.
For a week not allowed to wet the brows. So no sports or sauna.
Must put some vaselin on them in the mornings & evenings to soften the surface.
The eye brows look really dark in the beginning..
After 4 days the surface starts to come of and slowly able to see the final colour which is much lighter than in the beginning.
Kleopátra szépségszalon
XIII Bp, Visegrádi utca 8.

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