Malta Day 7

Friday, August 29, 2008

Gym in the morning. Cycling there for 30mins, stretching. Swimming outdoors.

After breakfast to the pool, where spent the entire day reading, sun bathing and swimming.
Had Tolstoi's "Ylösnousemus" but didn't really feel like reading it now so bought a new one "Gym and Slimline" by Emma Burstall - funny and easy to read.
Should have taken "A Year in The Merde" by Stephen Clarke with and read it by the pool...

Most of the hotel guests are French and British. Also a group of Norwegian left back home in the beginning of the week. Some Spanish came along.

Lunch by the pool
Caprese with rucola
Srawberry smoothie
Kitkat chocolate bar
- balsamic vinegar doesn't really fit with mozzarella

Ceri Dupree Show at 8pm
Ceri Dupree is an international female impersonator from the UK.
The show was fabulous!
He did impersonations of
Dolly Parton, Amy Winehouse, Cher, Tina Turner, Zsa Zsa Gabor...
In the end he came to the stage without make-up and wig in his own clothes and sang My Way.
Very talented artist.

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