A friend from Finland coming

Friday, August 8, 2008

No running or other sporty activities for the whole week...

Not only been eating burgers but also 3 plates of Fazer Blue chocolate (250g/plate) and 3 boxes of Lindt's pralinés... Can't help it. Should start to do something. Some kind of healthy diet wouldn't do any harm.

A friend from Finland coming over for the weekend so diet can wait a bit longer.

Lunch at Baraka

Five spice shredded bef and mushroom on toast with Edam cheese, 1.500,-ft

Fish cake with wasabi-potato doughnut, rocket salad, sweet chili sauce, 2.500,-ft

Sparkling mineral water

- don't like wasabi so got potato doughnuts without it - that was not a problem
- interesting and tasty lunch

Afternoon aperatives at Callas next to Opera
- glass of Hungaria dry

Made a table reservation at Donatella's Kitchen for 8.30pm tonight
Caprese, 1.980,-ft
Saffron risotto with king prawns, 3.550,-ft
San Giovanni Delia Sala Orvieto, 5.300,-ft/bottle
- the layout of Caprese a bit "different" but used real Buffalo mozzarella as mentioned on the menu - very good!
- couldn't eat dessert - far too full!
- risotto looked quite a small portion but it was huge
- wine had a kind of sweet flavour



After dinner drinks at Karma
1061 Budapest, Liszt Ferenc tér 11.
Hungaria Dry, 950,-ft
Fruit Daiquiri, 1.300,-

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