Rhodes Day 3

Monday, July 7, 2008


Running around the peninsula as yesterday in the morning.

Rent a jeep for 3 days!

First stop at Valley of Butterflies
app. 27km from Rhodes town
entrance fee 5 EUR
- Walked all the way up to the monastry, where had a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice - delicious!
- Saw thousands of butterflies! When not flying they could so brillantly hide themself wearing a camouflage!
- The butterfly has no stomach! From May until the mating and the egg lying period they do not eat. They survive from the energy stored from their previous lives as catepillars. Thr visitors shouldn't disturb the butterflies in any way, because otherwise they are forced to fly all day, consuming valuable energy.

Driving the west coast to Monolithos.
Lunch at Panorama Monolithos
Continuing with the same diet...

Tsatsiki with bread
French fries
- Never get bored with healthy Greek food!
- Keftedes were excelent!

Continuing driving to the south point of the island, Prassonisi.
- Like totally a different world.
- Lots of windsurfers & kite-boarders

On the back to Rhodos town checked the Tsampika beach - perhaps there tomorrow.

Dinner at Kontiki
The floating restaurant, Marina Mandrakiou

White wine, Greek

- Finally something else than the same Greek dishes
- Well, place looks absolutely nice, simply, elegant, location fabulous in the yacht harbour. But the food was too complicated.

- Caprese was a srange combination of tomatoe wedges, mozzarella, parmesan and roasted pita bread - not bad, but a bit weird, and the portion was far too big!

- Seabass was grilled and there was a nice side dish of eggplant puree with lemon juice, grilled prawns and salad leaves on the top - very nice, but again too huge portion

- Also a complimentary starter: melon soup & deep fried cheese pocket - very nice

So by the end of the meal stomach was like a huge ball!

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