Rhodes Day 2

Sunday, July 6, 2008


Running for 45 mins around the beaches on the both sides of the peninsula in the morning. Met also at least 6 other runners! Sone people were already lying on the beach beds - probably never made it back to their hotels last night.
Wanted to havea swim in the pool area of the hotel, but it opened only at 9am - didn't want to wait another hour so just had a shower and headed to the breakfast.

Breakfast in the hotel

Watermelon, cantaloupe, plums
Omelette with mushrooms, green peppers and cheese
Croisant with apricot jam

Green tea
The hotel breakfast was really good. lots of dishes to choose from, fresh fruits, home-baked breads...

Spent the whole day on the Elli Beach sunbathing, swimming and reading a book.
- Very relaxing day
- Lounge music, good service
- After the lunch came locals to the beach - got a bit noisier! Not a problem thought. Perhaps among them some local celebs because 2 paparazzis were there...

Lunch at Santa Lucia
near the beach

Tsatsiki with bread
Cheese Saganaki

- Quite a boring diet - alwasy the same dishes! But in Greece has to eat Greek way.
- Place was probably own by a Swede, at least the waitress spoke Swedish and the place was painted in blue & yellow

On the beach read a book by Susanna Alajärvi called "Sikalat". The original book is in Swedish, read it in Finnish. It tells in the point of view of a child how it is to live in a family with an alcoholic problem. There are good sober periods and there are bad, really bad periods when mom and dad are drinking for a several weeks. The book starts and ends but it gives a feeling that there was life before and after as well.
Dinner at Golden Olympiade
in the Old Town, under a big tree
Horiatiki salad
Tsatsiki with bread
Calamari fritti

- Place was ok, nothing special
- Starters were good, calamari quite greasy and heavy

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  1. kyllä näitä on mukava lukea :). Ei hullumpi idea lainkaan. Harmi vaan että noi kuvat ei ole tulleet kuten ajattelit. En tiedä missä vika, tulisi tutkia tarkemmin. Voisit ehkä antaa salasanan jotta voisin tutkia. Palataan siihen


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