Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Running again 1 round on Margit Island

By the way forgot to tell:
bought Feelmax trainers at Helsinki-Vantaa airport last time
It is said that Feelmax shoe is a barefoot simulating light shoe.
It is good for people who remain on their feet for a long time, who like to be outdoors in their leisure time, growing children and athletes facilitating their training.
These shoes are developped for the usage on natural and soft underground, like grass, sand, on sports ground etc.
They can be worn also for inside use.
On asphalt the sole material will be used sooner.
There are lots of occasions where to wear them. For eample for water running, during the flights, gardening!
Haven't tried them yet.
Dinner at home
Goat cheese salad
Mozzarella filled ravioli with spicy tomatoe sauce
Feind pinot blanc grigio 2006

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